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With over two years experience of hard html coding and CMS editing. Amber plans on continuing to develop skills that will allow her to meet her ultimate goal: to turn ideas into reality, from concept to execution.

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Amber also helps design agencies with overflow work. The aim is simple, produce great work. Period.

To discuss a project or arrange a portfolio viewing please contact Amber at or 909.486.3055

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[content management system] A growing oppurtunity in web editing. Working with industry innovators to use and train on usage allows for expanded growth and understanding.


A class project to utilize many of Dreamweaver’s tools to create a functional website.

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Western Art Sample


With an empthasis on functionality, these projects illustrates the current web standards and coding html files utilizing simple text editors.

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car Who we are


Working with Google Analytics, Urchin, and other search analytics tools, understanding usability and site traffic allows for adapting user's actions into the web design process.

If a page exists yet no one can find it, is it really there.


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